What do SMBs think about Voice Technology?


If you have a smartphone or a home assistant you’ve probably already used voice in your own life. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Apple Siri are all ways consumers can have two-way engagement with the technology they use every day. We use these assistants to organize our lives, run our homes, buy online goods and also—more and more frequently—to shop in our neighborhoods.


Voice is becoming more central to how consumers get information and discover businesses — online or locally. In fact, in conjunction with mobile, it is poised to dominate search in coming years. In one new report, GlobalWebIndex found that 27% of the global online population is already using voice search on mobile, and ComScore has predicted that voice is poised to claim 50% of total search traffic by 2020. But are SMB’s ready to embrace the new world of voice marketing?


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